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Vivid Kreations has created a unique brand, building homes that will change the course of your life. The Residential architects in Bangalore will ensure that your foundation is rooted with the greatest care and brilliance. Our services include interior design and development. Every amenity is carefully curated taking into account every inch of your property. This will give you the luxury home that will make your life a joy.

The great mentorship and leadership of Mr.KIRAN KATTIMANI, who has more than a decade of experience in interiors and construction, is the key to our success. Vivid Kreations’ founder and managing director is an exemplary leader who has demonstrated great dedication and adherence. He drives Vivid Kreations with zeal to provide the best home designs that meet client needs.

Best Residential Architects Company in Bangalore

Vivid Kreations is a forecaster for your future property. We can help you find the right apartment builders in Bangalore to meet your needs at an affordable price. We are pioneers and leaders with a passion for designing and building the finest homes in Karnataka. We are turnkey architects and home design experts. To make the process easier and to provide outstanding designs, our fellow architects will work together with you. We also work as an independent house builder in Bangalore. Our goal is to make your dream home a reality.

Our residential architects can help you design offices, hospitals, shopping malls, and other buildings. Vivid Kreations Residential architects can design and specify residential buildings such as factories, offices, and retail outlets. shopping centers, hospitals, hotels, as well as sports and leisure facilities. This is completely different from a single-occupancy home, which is the responsibility of residential architects. India has seen a boom in construction and real estate, so finding an architect is a necessity. Vivid Kreations is a transparent platform that allows you to find reputable firms and professionals with unparalleled skills.

Hire the Experienced and Dependable Residential Architects in Bangalore

You can enlist the assistance of an expert to design your house, whether you need help with planning, Vastu considerations, or structural design. Our Residential architects are professionals who specialize in designing residential buildings. Learn more about residential architects and the services they offer. Find out why Vivid Kreations is the best choice.

Residential Architects

Our experts in residential architecture can help you design a house that is functional, safe, and beautiful. They design the house to meet the client’s needs and budget. They listen to the specifications of the client and create the plans accordingly. We also inspect progress on the site and make sure contractors follow the plans. Residential architects provide many services, including

  • Planning and designing architecturally (blueprints, layouts, etc.
  • Preparing Architectural model (2D/3D models)
  • Planning and supervision of projects
  • Consultation on property

Benefits of Hiring Residential Architect

The professionals who can help you make your space functional through their designs are called architects. Hire our expert architect to enjoy many benefits, such as

  • Zero Errors

An architect has the ability to design a structure that is flawless. It is a good idea to hire experts to help you avoid making mistakes in your structure design.

  • Design Excellence

They are skilled at what they do. They will listen to your requirements and create creative designs that take into account the various aspects like location, natural light, layout, etc.

  • Understanding your Needs

Our experienced architects take into consideration the lifestyle and preferences of their clients before creating designs. The architect can also help you with Vastu aspects when designing your house.

  • Cost-Effective

An architect’s design skills are a plus. They can present designs in 3D and use the most recent technology. This makes it affordable.

  • Selecting the Right Material

Regular site inspections by architects allow for the selection of the best materials within your budget.

Tips to Hire the Cheap and Best Residential Architect in Bangalore

Pay attention to these aspects when you hire residential architecture

  • Budget
  • The architect’s reputation
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Type of property (Apartment/House).
  • The property’s area
  • The architect’s experience
  • What type of service do you need?
  • License and many other things
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