About Us

Our ethos

As Designers we strive to achieve a balance between Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe ‘ Less is More’ modernist design and architecture and ‘ Less is Bore’advocated by the iconoclastic father of post modernism Robert Venturi ,in favour of eclectic style that embraces community values.

A strong character in design language ,we believe will bring about this balance.

In the 25 years that we’ve in business, this has been ground zero for us.
Whether it be a luxury resort in Maldives or a 5 star hotel in Bangalore, we believe that Minimalistic design with a strong design punch combined with honest Solutions will ultimately help us move far and beyond.
Simplicity at the core, lends itself to infinite execution angles. While simplicity sounds plain effortless, we ensure no stone is left unturned to reach the final design solution that not just fits the aesthetic gamut but also renders a very functional space.
We believe that a design solution, if not honest, is not true to our design philosophy.
Over the years we have stuck to delivering Simple Designs and Honest Solutions, at the same we have compromised on nothing!

Our passion

Our clients happiness drives our passion. We live for days when clients tell us that we’ve execeeded their expectations and were able to comprehend and deliver their vison for a space.
In the last decade, we’ve garnered a myriad of experiences from our around the world projects. This has helped us deliver spaces that are high in form and function.
With the experience we lapped up while delivering large commercial and institutional projects, we realised that we have a lot more to offer in the residential space as well.
In the last few years we have forayed into the hearts of happy homeowners across the country. We found ourselves to be full of empathy while building homes that ended up being spaces of growth, prosperity and happiness.

Our approach

When we take over a project, we get into it in totality. Every project for us, is as important as the previous one. We put in a piece of our heart, into every space we design and build. We always think from the client POV and execute only when we are convinced of the solution.
Handover days  are really tough for us. We make the site our homes for the period of the project.

When we entered our completed office for the first time, we were so stunned with what we saw! The whole office is bundle of energy with the interior colours and murals they have used. We love to get to work everyday!

Dinesh Babu

Idea Telecom, Bangalore

Shree is so straight forward and honest when it comes to budgets and timelines. She never over promises and under delivers.



The entire vivid team is so passionate about design and architecture. They pay so much attention to client needs and also think from the ‘end customer’ point of view. Every room in our hotel is a masterpiece, thanks to Vivid Kreations.

Manoj Kunisseri

CEO, Blue Earth Hospitality, Bangalore

Our home is our favorite place. Shree made sure she understood exactly what we wanted and delivered our vision back to us.

Sunil Pillai

Home owner

Shree is a thorough professional. In fact the whole team at Vivid Kreations is an absolute pleasure to work with. They get so involved and leave no stone unturned to get the work done. The entire project management of our hotel was handled so seamlessly.


CFO, Sterling Mac Hotels, Bangalore

We are ever so grateful to Shree and her team for making our dream house a reality. There were no bad surprises or hidden costs or glitches, through out the time our house was being built. Even after we got the handover of our house, Shree pitched in with so much. She came shopping with us for linen!


Home Owner, Bangalore

Our resort regularly features in the press and media. We have the Vivid Kreations team to thank for that. They have exceeded our expectations with the design and build of our resort!

Salil Panigrahi

MD Atmosphere, Singapore.